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Thanks for stopping by my blog. My name is Tenielle (yes as in the duo-singing sensation). A few of my favorite things are spending time with God, my family and my craft room. These three have helped me through some stormy times. I am a wife of an amazingly talented man (those were his vocals in the video), mommy of boy/girl terrific twins and an educator at a higher education institution. I simply love all things creative! In my copious free time, I am enjoying chasing my dream and pray that I inspire you to do the same. This blog has a plethora items to explore such as DYI projects, cute creative crafts and my journey with PCOS.

behind the name “plumheart”

Plumheart perfectly describes me in a nutshell. Plums are pretty perfect by design. Some plums can be sweet, while others are tart yet the end result is a nice delectable treat. The story behind the name of my company is that one day while I was at work, I pulled out a plum and took a bite. My first bite into the plum created a perfect heart! I could not believe it and showed it to a co-worker. My co-worker told me to photograph the plum because it meant something. When I asked her what it meant she replied, “I am not sure, but it definitely means something.” Hence came the name of my company and the plum with the bitten heart is included in my company logo that my oh so creative husband designed.


please note:

All photos on Plum Heart, unless otherwise noted, are mine and were taken by me. Additionally, all tutorials and printables unless otherwise noted, have been created by me as well. I am happy for you to share the photos or projects on your personal site. If you would like to use items from my site, please remember to credit and link back to my site {}. I appreciate your compliance with this!

Thanks for making time to get to know me a little better. Stay awhile and peruse until your heart is full and merry!

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