Wood Chair Upcycle

Wood Chair Upcycle

Before we moved into our new home, we decided that we wanted to get a feel for the house before we made any major furniture purchases. During the same time, my mother-in-law wanted new chairs and was ready to throw these beauties into the dump. She loved the look of the chairs, yet the upholstery was in horrible condition. Before she had the opportunity to trash these treasures, I asked my hubby to snag them before the dumpster ate them. And oh how grateful I am for these chairs!


After we moved into our house, we decided on Robin’s egg blue, Fog gray and pops of a muted Canary yellow as the primary color scheme. One weekend last October, one of my favorite craft stores, JoAnn, had a half off on fabrics. If you are a JoAnn customer, you are probably familiar with the ebbs and flows of their coupons. Ironically, the fabrics are actually half off now.

Because I had already pursued their Web site, I had my eyes set on a fun Waverly pattern. When I went into the store I had a difficult time deciding between two fabrics. I finally landed on the one you see below now on the “new to me” chair.

During the time of this particular project, I was six months pregnant with the twins. As such, I mainly gave instructions, while my hubby constructed. I followed the instructions on the DIYDreamer site to reupholster the chairs. The project is pretty simple and not time consuming.

chairnocushion comparechair

So the take away from this post would be, the next time a friend or relative has an outdated or seemingly useless chair, think about the endless possibilities if it were repurposed.

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