To diffuse or not: My new love of essential oils

To diffuse or not: My new love of essential oils

Just like you, I am constantly bombarded with advertisements on social media and the Interweb about products that I should be using. It is nothing more frustrating than to feel accosted by the vast number of unwanted advertisements. A couple of years back, I was perusing a social media site and I kept seeing posts about products that helped with aging and a plethora of post on oils. Now, my first thought was, do these products really work? Why were so many of my friends heavily promoting these products?

I finally mustered up the energy and messaged on of my friends about one of the products that were frequently on my time. This friend of my was actually a college friend of mine. She ran track with me and we also had the same academic major. All that to say, we have much in common and I knew that if she was promoting the product, it must have some positive benefits.

The product that I inquired about was the essential oils from Young Living. My former team made the time to explain to me about the products and the wonderful benefits that the oils provided. I sat on this information for some time with the intent of at least trying it out. After all, it was a natural product, you cannot really go wrong with something that is naturally produced!

Fast forward a year. One of my mom’s good friends was raving about the same oils. By this time, I had seen a gazillion posts on all my favorite social media sites and was pretty well-versed in the essential oils. Obviously, since I had not use purchased the oils, I was not quite sold.

I listened to my mom’s friend discuss how she witnessed firsthand the positive benefits of these oils. By this time, my heart was beginning to soften regarding whether I should diffuse or not. Long story short, my mom ended up purchasing a starter kit from her and she gifted it to me.

I have only been using the essential oils for about three weeks and I am kicking myself for not investigating this product sooner. For whatever reason, I have been waking up in the middle of the night for the last few months. All I wanted, was a restful night. Because of this, my first oil I experimented with was lavender. Let me tell you the results. On the first two nights, I woke up at my usual 3 am time but I quickly went back to sleep. The few nights I had pretty restful sleep!!! What? Are you kidding me?

I am still in the beginning stages of using these oils and still am experimenting with the various oils and combinations. I am not a spokesperson for the company nor am I a medical professional. I am a lay person who has a wonderful experience thus far with natural oils that have helped me with restful sleep, unclog stuffy noses of my twins and to purify my bonus room.  These are just a few of the benefits that I have seen in my short time of using essential oils. I in no way am trying to persuade you to purchase these oils. After all, it can be an annoyance! I do, want to share the positives that I have experienced. In my case, I’m electing to enjoy these essential oils.

I’d love to hear your voice! Have you used essential oils? If so, which are your favorites? What benefits have you seen? Leave comments below.

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