How I found my sisters on social media

How I found my sisters on social media

Social sisters.

Social media is a mighty powerful connectivity tool. I have seen it being used to tear apart and to also unite. Yesterday was #NationalSiblingsDay and as I scrolled down my newsfeed, I saw a plethora of posts with images of brothers and sisters.

If you know me, you know that I am not big on posting pictures regularly. Typically, I will change a photo once or maybe twice a year. But for some reason yesterday,  I felt also compelled to post a picture of my younger brother. I went to look for a good picture of us, you know the one where the lighting is just right?! Of course, I did not have any pictures on my phone because I have the habit (as I’m sure you do) of taking of a bajillion photos and as such my phone told me that I was out of storage space. I digress.

So back to my story, I ended up not posting a picture because I didn’t have a picture that was readily accessible. I guess, I could’ve found and transferred a picture from my computer but let’s just be real. I just did not want to go through all of that just to post the picture, which again I really do not do. So… I continue to scroll down and much to my surprise, I found a picture collage of my half sister with a bunch of other people I had never seen in my life.

As I took a closer look, I noticed that many of the people in those pictures look very similar to her and to me as well. I literally could not believe my eyes. I decided to post a comment thinking it was on my half sisters page (the one that I have known for years). I would later learn, that my post was on another {unknown at the time} half-sister’s page. She responded and said, “hey I am sorry sis, I just found out about you!” In one day, I had gained knowledge of four sisters I had never met.


Wow, well, wowsers. Emotions running wild in a blink of an eye! How could I not know? My lesson for the day, Embrace new opportunities with eyes wide open. I am usually one who hesitates to be vulnerable. I decided to be vulnerable and I’m elated that I made this decision. I have since befriended all of my newly found sisters I found on social media and will make every effort to form new relationship with these lovely ladies! More to come soon in a future post!

With love,


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