Pretty Perfect Planning

Pretty Perfect Planning

I am guilty. Guilty of being a planner. Well, maybe more like an over-planner. I have planners that date back to middle school. I can’t possibly be the only person who loved Lisa Frank and all the super cool accessories she had!? Maybe, I can shift the blame to my elementary school, who provided us with “assignment pads” so the that we could record our homework. Or maybe my mom, who detailed her days in At-a-glance planners. Either way, I was immediately addicted. Soon my love for planning grew. Everything had to match!

Fast forward several years. Off I went to find a planner that was aesthetically appealing beautiful and allowed me schedule out my future. While I am a planner, I am also a teeny frugal {well that may a bit of an understatement}. All you planner lovers can appreciate a really good planner that does cost a fortune right? I searched all over for planners that fit my OCD lifestyle and initially used some cute planners I found at Target. I eventually landed with these Vera Bradley beauties.

I know what you are thinking, I said I was frugal and didn’t want a planner that would cost me a fortune. My secret? I waited until the outlet marked the planners and accessories down to at least half price! This was usually at the beginning of a new year. Let me tell you just how I addicted I was. Although there is a Vera Bradley in my city, I called another outlet just so I could get a specific pattern. I know, but when you know what you love and you find it you must inquire the item!

Planner Designer?

A couple of years ago, I designed a planner that was based upon these planners I purchased from Vera Bradley.

I named the planner “Pretty Perfect Planner” because it was made just for me. Since I created the planner, I was able to add birthdays, events and the like that was directly printed in the planner. At the end of the year last year, I started working on a planner for this year and I learned that my hard earned work was gone! I was saddened because I had to start from scratch.

My sweet husband encouraged me and told me that it would be a good idea to start fresh! So, I did. It took me a good two months to complete my calendar. Guess what happened, I took it the printer and they were not able to print it because the formatting didn’t align with their printers. I was dumbfounded because they didn’t have a problem previously. I was told if I wanted it printed, I would have to do all 200 pages over! By this time, it was almost February and I still didn’t have a planner.

Off I go again on a planner search. Because I am a crafter, I was looking for a planner that I could also use for memory keeping. There are several planners like Erin Condren and Heidi Swapp that allow for memory keeping. To my surprise, I found exactly what I needed in the Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI) planners.
Let me tell you why I love this planner. First, the planner starts off at an excellent price. Plus, if you have a coupon at Michaels or Hobby Lobby, you can get it for much less. The design is aesthetically beautiful. Last year (2015) was the first year that designers came out with the planners and they did not allow their newness to the planner world, hinder them from being creative. The newest line of planners, which debuted this summer, has even more options. The MAMBI planners do not come with stickers and other add-on items but these additional items are reasonably priced as well. Lastly, the planner allows for memory keeping. They seriously have thought of everything when it comes to being able to plan and to also store memorabilia throughout the year.

Below are are few images of my planner. I am still using the 18-month calendar from last years collection and plan to purchase another towards the end of the year (when they are marked down of course)!

Before I leave, I must acknowledge that despite my efforts to over plan my life, I realize that it is God who ultimately makes the plans for our lives. I have to be willing to hear him first and do His will. This is why it is ever important that I ask that my plans be in His will. So as you are making your plans, remember that God has the perfect plans for you and your future.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

With love,


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