Infant to Toddler Room (part 1)

Infant to Toddler Room (part 1)

When we were deciding on the decor for the twins rooms, all I did was pick colors. I know you are thinking, wait, what? Yes! I want to point out the fact that I was not yet sold on decor. We did pick themes but we did not select or purchase decor initially. Because of this, I asked my oh so creative and handy hubby to paint to start by simply painting the rooms.

He started by selecting one wall to be an accent wall in the room. He decided on the wall with the window because we did not want to put the crib on the same wall with items that would hang over his head. I got an idea from a friend to add wainscot to the accent wall.  So glad we that design because it really makes the room pop! After he finished the work, he striped the wall (horizontally) and added a compass around the window.

Eventually, we settled on some themes for their rooms. We went with a nautical theme for my son’s (Mason) room. I was on bed rest during this time and asked my hubby to pick out items for Mason’s room. So off he went to Hobby Lobby to find items.

He purchased several items that you will see on the wall from Hobby Lobby. These looked so cool on the wall. My hubby is extremely talented and creative. He free-handed the letter “M” on the oar and painted the tip white. He also painted the boats the same color blue that was in his comforter.

Check out the original pictures from when we first decorated Mason’s room.

I absolutely love how the colors flow well together and knew that it would transition well as he got older. Initially, we had warmer hues of blue in his room. We decided to go with a darker hue (navy) and some pops of red. We decided the red would help to break up the monotony! His accent piece is a red “M” that we got from Pottery Barn outlet! It was only $10!!!

We moved the dresser from Madison’s room to his room because it went better with his decor! We also put a jar with sand and shells in his room. Here is the back story.  In June 2012, I was in a destination wedding in Destin, Fl. While we were at the beach, we collected shells and sand and agreed that we would give to our first born. Fortunately we had enough to give to two children! The sand and shells came from that trip and little did we know, we were actually pregnant during that time. As he grows, so will his room.

On to planning out the next room! Check out part 2 to see how we transitioned Madison’s room from infant to a toddler room.

Below is a picture of what it looks like now.

How have you changed your child’s room? What were are some of your favorite pieces that you added? Please leave your thoughts/ideas below!

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