Friendship is essential to the Soul

Friendship is essential to the Soul

This blog post was written by one of my best friends, Melanie Burroughs Cole. Melanie is a graduate of Spelman College where she received her undergraduate in Economics and University of Memphis where she received a MBA. She has many passions and I asked her to share some of her thoughts. The post below discusses friendship. Now more than ever, we should make every opportunity to polish our friendships. Make the time to connect with friends that you have spoken with in some time by finding ways to show  your appreciate their friendship. I know that you will glean much from this post as I did.

PGC friends for life!

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated has trademarked this saying as their motto, “the creed in which their brotherhood lives by.” My husband is a dedicated member of the fraternity and I hear him say this so often and I believe it is so true.

For the past three sermons at this new church we are attending (Life Church VA) in Williamsburg one of the common themes and questions is: do you have someone in your life that you can confide in? I would say I am extremely blessed to have God fearing, Bible thumping, Pray warrior women in my corner. Women who tell you when you are wrong, pray for you often, love on you when times are bad and help you celebrate all of the blessings that come your way. If you look throughout the Bible God places people in partnership and friendship with one another, Mary and Elizabeth, Paul and Timothy, Jesus and his disciples, and the list could go on. There is not a moment in your life where you want or should be alone. I believe life is meant to be enjoyed with other people.

Life long friendships are essential

When you look in the dictionary and see the word friendship, you would see my girls plastered all over the definition. In the 7th grade my group of friends started calling ourselves the Pretty Girl Clique (PGC). Yes it sounds vain, but in a school full of girls who don’t look like you and the idea of beauty is blonde hair and blue eyes, it was only right that we love on our different shades of color and hair and define ourselves as being beautiful. To this day our mothers refer to us as such and we do when talking with each other. Kamaria and I started off in kindergarten together, I asked her to be my friend and 29 years later we made additional friends in the first grade (Tenielle), 7th grade (Meridith) and Ebony (10th grade). We have shared all types of life moments together the good the bad and the ugly and have still remained the best of friends to this day.

These women have prayed for me, cried with me and celebrated me in all of what life has thrown my way. There is a song my home church in Memphis sings “Somebody prayed for me, had me on their mind, took the time and prayed for me. I’m so glad, he prayed, I’m so glad he prayed, I’m so glad he prayed for me.” That is a song that rings as true to me as the motto of Omega Psi Phi.

I encourage those who read this that if you don’t have a friend, someone who will pick you up in darkest moments and celebrate you in your greatness, go into prayer and ask God for some one to be in your corner. Friendship is indeed essential to the soul.


In Love and Friendship


Mel Cole

Melanie Burroughs-friendship
Melanie Burroughs

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