DIY: Metal Bed Frame

DIY: Metal Bed Frame

Century old Bed Metal Bed Frame

By now, you have probably picked up on my love for antique furniture. The real truth is that I acquired much of my furniture from my grandparents and great grandparents. The summer before we were married, we made a trip to Mississippi to retrieve a couple of pieces from my great grandmother’s (deceased) house. My grandmother and her siblings kept their mother’s house and most of her belongings after she died and only used the house for family visits to Mississippi.

One night, there was a fire in the house and a portion of the house was burned. Some items were destroyed, while the others were salvageable and spared from the fire. My grandmother told us that we could go see what we wanted so that we could have some items for our first home. We had no clue what we would be able to use in our house, but were happy to have anything!

Fortunately, most of the furniture was in excellent condition and simply needed a little TLC. In one of her guest bedrooms, we found an iron metal bed. My jaw dropped when I saw it because I remembered sleeping in it as a youth. We decided to take the bed because of the history. We were told that the bed had been in the family for years. At least 100. We simply could not leave it. So off it went with us.

When we moved into our first home, we decided that we would put the metal in the guest bedroom. The walls in the guest bedroom were a pretty muddy gray color.  Because of this, we did not do any repairs on it (has a dent) and left the bed as it was. Now that our color scheme is a bit different, we decided that the bed frame needed a coat of paint.

So this piece of furniture actually required a bit of elbow grease. I am still not quite certain what the gooey substance was on the post but we used goo be gone to rid ourselves of the sticky. After thoroughly cleaning the bed, we went to our favorite home improvement store and looked for options of refinishing the bed.

As you can imagine, I was a bit fearful of putting anything on this bed. My hubby assured me it would be fine and oh boy was he right!. So away we went to our favorite DIY home store and purchased the Rustoleum metallic hammered paint. We decided to go with a spray paint because of the ease and were quite pleased with the results.  I believe the hammered paint goes well the style of the bed. Guess what? It only took two coats of paint! Let me know what you think.

See the below pictures of our bed! Now on to decorating the guest bedroom…


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