DIY: French Provincial Dresser + Side table

DIY: French Provincial Dresser + Side table

I have always been a lover of classic and timeless furniture. I especially love vintage furniture. Mainly because I feel that the older pieces were built with better wood than what we are being sold today. In my first home, I had decor that was much more traditional. My design style now is more transitional. I like more neutral hues (grays and white) and a cleaner look.

Back to the dresser! My mother in law (MIL) acquired this beautiful French provincial from her brother after his passing. Every time we visited her, I let her know of my fond affection for the timeless beauty sitting in her bed room.

A few years ago, my MIL became ill and was no longer able to live alone. They packed up her belonging and put it in storage. Last year, they decided to move her items from storage to my hubby’s aunt’s house. Then came the moment when we were offered the dresser. I did not stutter when I said, “YES, we want the dresser!” I wanted the dresser for my daughter’s room because it would go perfectly with the decor.

We rented a U-haul trailer and took the dresser to its new home! It was originally a yellowish color with gold highlights.

Here is a before picture of the dresser. 

My favorite person (aka hubby) started working on revitalizing the dresser by sanding it down. Initially, we thought about staining the dresser but it would be hard to match the dresser to the color of Madison’s bed. Simultaneously, he was working on fixing a small table that we took from my mother’s home (post coming soon). I begged her for it because it matched Madison’s room decor and she graciously gave it to us!

Sanded table

My hubby suggested that we paint the dresser a gray color that would match her new room colors. After he painted the dresser, he also painted the bed and small table the same color so her pieces would match. He painted the drawer handles antique white (Rustoleum) as well as the side pieces on the small table. We lined the dresser with gray and white quatrefoil contact paper.

Here are the after pictures of the pieces! I am absolutely in love with the results.

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