Craft Room Tour {part 2}

Craft Room Tour {part 2}

In a previous post, I talked about my craft room at our first house. Let’s look at where I spend my time now. When we first moved into our house, we made the office into the craft room. As I discussed in the Craft Room {part 1} post, my new space is in a smaller room than in my previous craft room. Initially, I was bummed because I had more craft storage than I had space for.

When we purchased our home, the mudroom was bare. My hubby suggested that we use the mudroom area to store the craft storage that did not fit into the office. I was not feeling that idea because I wanted him to build wood cubbies for our coats and such. However, I did not have much choice because I needed the space to house my additional craft storage units.

Below is what the space looked like before. I was really into the gray and yellow even though it did not match my magenta and light turquoise! I even had a gray and yellow quatrefoil rug in the room!
 I grew tired of looking at this every time I sat in the kitchen. I think what was most frustrating is that I still wanted the mudroom look. So off I took to Pinterest for mudroom/office ideas. Found some great plans but none the would accommodate the space I had. I took my pictures to my husband and he sketched out the image below. It was perfect because it would give me the tall wood storage but also space for a desk.
Once he had the plans designed, he began recreating the space. First step was to go to Home Depot for supplies. We purchased wood and screws. He had the wood cut down to size to save on time. 
While at Home Depot, we had them to cut the 8 squares down to 12×12 squares. When we got home, all we had to do is paint them.

After the smaller pieces were painted, we moved onto painting the longer boards.

Next step was to drill holes into each of the planks seen above.

Here is an image of the cubbies fully assembled.

Because I wanted the shelving units to match the height of the five inch baseboards, my hubby created a base by using 2×6 planks.

The image below shows the cubbies on top of the base. He then took the same molding as our baseboards and nailed to the base using 3-inch screws.

Here is a closer image of the shelving unit.

The next step was to paint the shelving units. He used Behr Premium Plus (Ultra Pure White) for the shelving units and base. Once he painted, I noticed that the space was much brighter! It makes the existing base boards look beige instead of bright white. I will definitely be repainting these, but that will be another project for another day!

Last step was to install the desk. The desk slides into the two grooves on the outside of the shelving unit.


Here are the final images! What do you think of the revamped spaced? Leave your comments below.

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