Craft Room Tour {part 1}

Craft Room Tour {part 1}

Today, I’m going to share my craft room that was in our first house. I’m writing this post in hopes that you will glean some insight on how I organized my room and maybe grab some ideas for your space. Here is the back story. My husband noticed that I was accumulating a lot of craft supplies and suggested that we create a space for me to craft. I was thinking oh great idea but where will I put everything? We didn’t have the twins when we were in our first house so we had the space to convert our third bedroom into an office/craft room. Side Note: Now that we are in our new home, I don’t have an additional bedroom to have a full craft room (I will show pictures of my updated space in a future post.).

Back to the story. So we only talked about making a craft room a couple times but never detailed anything out. Little did I know, he had been purchasing craft storage from Michaels. He decided to surprise me by creating a craft room in the extra bedroom.  After he had gotten all the supplies he asked me not to come upstairs. It took him about a week to finish the room.  I had no clue what he was doing upstairs and was very eager to see what was going on.   When I finally came upstairs, my mind was completely blown! Below you find some pictures of my previous craft space. What I loved most about this craft room was the amount of space!

Looking back at old photos tends to bring back a sense of nostalgia.  As I gathered pictures for this post,  I realized how much your life can change after you have kids. Some of these items that were in the previous craft room are now in the playroom, for instance, my glitter holder is now a book holder for the twins books.

Please peruse the gallery both below and grab some ideas of what you may do to your space.

Stayed tuned for a sneak peek into the new craft room.

Had this logo vinyl made and sized for the wall
Magnetic call to display paper crafts
Knitting supplies and photo storage wall
Paper cubbies
Pom-Pom Balls
Paper punches!
More paper storage


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