Capture the Moment

Capture the Moment

Today, I want to encourage you to be present and to capture memorable moments. I am in the process of writing a book that journals my life through difficulties and how I overcame the trials. I want to share an excerpt from my book with you. The essay below was from a paper that I wrote in my Freshmen Seminar class in the fall of 2001. The featured picture, was taken a week before the incident discussed below.

Below is the excerpt from “Capture the Moment” paper.  Side note! I did not change any of the grammatical errors so that it would remain in the original state. It is still an excellent paper despite the errors. I hope that you will enjoy, reflect and relate! 

It has been said, “always be prepared for you do not know when your last day will be.” For some reason, people tend not to take this aphorism to heart. What is the significance of the saying, and how does it apply to me? At the death of my brother and aunt, I went through a brief depression. At the age of seven, I did not fully understand the concept of death. Now that I have matured, I can use these words of wisdom to my advantage.

One Sunday night, about 11 years ago, my mother, aunt, brother and I were on our way home from church, when my brother and I suggested that we stop and get some snacks. We were just about home and the grocery store was in the proximity. Just as my mom got in the turning lane, she changed her mind and said that we could go the next day since we did not have school. To add to the disappointment, my brother and I had a prior argument about seating arrangements. He wanted his usual seat, but this particular night I wanted that seat. Suddenly my mom shouted, “Just get in the car!” So I ended up sitting where I wanted to see it. I would later realize that this petty argument was the least of our worries.

While we were waiting for the light to change, a man going about 80 mph hit us from behind. The front wheel of his truck landed on top of our little Camaro. Because the impact was so great, our car spun all the way around and the roof came off. My brother was killed instantly from the impact of the hit. My aunt was ejected from the car and went through the windshield since she was not wearing her seatbelt. The reckless driver, Mr. Byers, was trying to escape the police. They thought he was drunk because he was swerving in and out of lanes. While the police were trying to catch Mr. Byers, I was trying to figure out where I was.

I was in total shock and in a complete daze. There were people everywhere…

I do not remember much of what happened, but I do remember constantly asking members of my family the location of my brother. I was upset because every time I would ask where he was, no one would respond. Sometime later that night when we got home, I screamed, “Where is Pam in Tyrone?” My mother was in my grandmother’s room when I sat at this she call me in the room, told me to shut the door, and sit down. She explained that my brother and aunt had been killed and that they would not be back. My brother had gotten a severe cut to the head and was killed instantly. My aunt lost too much blood so the doctors were not able to revive her. The only words that I could utter, were, “But I won’t have anyone to play with!” My mom quietly asked me to give her a hug, and said that it was okay if I wanted to cry….

October 21, 2001 will be eleven years since the wreck. Some years are harder than others, but what gives me solace is knowing that my brother and my aunt are in a much better place. If I could change the minds of everyone I encounter, I would urge them to take heed of today. I would tell them that it is imperative that they treat every day as if it were there last day. Not only should you live everyday as you last day, but you should always make the most of it. I am now a firm believer of this. I also believe that everything happens for a reason, and God sometimes does things to bring us closer to Him. The death of my brother and aunt might have been a way of drawing our family closer to that, but if it was not, it sure made us realize how you can be here one day and gone the next.

I have grown so much since I wrote this essay. I have so much more to share regarding this story. I cannot wait for you to take a glimpse inside how I healed after going through trials such as this.

Although my perspectives and understanding of what occurred that night have changed, my conviction that we ought to capture every moment has not. Make time for those who you love. Reach out to them. Do more than send a text. Make it your mission today to make memorable memories with those you love because tomorrow is not promised. What can you do today to capture the moment? Let me know your thoughts!

my favorite picture of us together
my favorite picture of us together

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