Candy-Free Valentine Printable

Candy-Free Valentine Printable

I love holidays, especially ones involving sweet treats. Love’s day is approaching and I wanted to provide you with some ideas for your little ones and their friends! While looking for treats to distribute to the twins class, I had a hard time finding options. Since the twins were diagnosed with peanut and other food allergies, I have been uber diligent about reading package labels! Because of this, I wanted to be mindful of any food allergies and when I distributed treats to other kids. Then, I had a bright idea! Candy-free Valentines! I know right, no candy! But it takes the food allergy worry away.

Below you will find a link to my printable.

To create this Valentine you will need:

  • Tape (I used washi)
  • scissors to cut the printables
  • glow sticks
  • pen
  • ❤️

I hope that you enjoy the printable and the time you will spend making them!

Click here for a free printable

With love,


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