Burlap Wire Wreath

Burlap Wire Wreath

Now that I am in my new home, I feel the need to have a wreath. I am not sure why I never had a desire before, but it is definitely of interest now. After perusing the Web for wreath ideas, I finally landed on the idea of crafting a burlap wreath. I wanted to include a link to a tutorial but have had a horrible time of finding one. I kept finding bits and pieces of info from various blogs and a couple of YouTube tutorials. My best advice, Pinterest search “ DIY burlap wreath”  and do the same on YouTube.

After I found the wreath I wanted I made a list and headed out to a craft store. Off I went down the aisles of Joann and found a foam wreath, burlap and letter “B” and I paid about 10 bucks (of course I used my coupon as well as my educator discount).

Initially, I was sold on creating the wreath using a foam wreath—until the reality set in. When did I think I was going to have time to make such a project with 6-month-old twins? For real Tenielle?

Back to the store, the foam wreath went and a new idea emerged while I was making the exchange. I decided to use a wire wreath because it wouldn’t be as time-consuming. This process did not take long at all. I actually made it while watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. My advice when making this craft, don’t wear black pants while crafting with burlap! Not a great combination.

Unfortunately, I did not take photos during the process, but I did take a couple of snaps after the project was complete. I followed this tutorial to make the wreath.

Burlap wreath

As the seasons change, I plan to add different elements to the wreath.  Do you have any ideas for me? Leave your thoughts below and I look forward to hearing from you!

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