$10 Memo Board

$10 Memo Board

One weekend in August while shopping at TJ Maxx/Homegoods for some items for the twins, I came across this super cute burlap memo board.


I was completely sold on the board because it was a french memo board and I knew it would be perfect for an area in my kitchen. Well I must have walked around the store a good 10 minutes with the memo board in my basket before deciding that I was NOT about to give them $19.99 + tax for this board, which might I add is faux wood. I had deliberated long enough in those 10 minutes and quickly decided that I would make my own board.

I waited for a couple of weeks and went to Goodwill during their 50% weekend and found this $1.50 frame:

I really like this frame because it was real wood and was a bit wider than the board previously mentioned.

These are the tools you will need for this project:

•Adhesive spray

•Card board {if needed}

•Cork board roll

•Cute push pins


•Paint {optional}

•Ribbon {optional}

•Staple gun

•Wood frame

Step 1

Remove the old picture from the frame. As you can see, the lion was waiting his escape and I let him free! Be careful not prick your finger from old staples.

frame before

Step 2

Next you will adhere {spray adhesive} your cork board to the existing piece of cardboard {if your cardboard piece is not in excellent condition, use the old piece and trace a new piece of cardboard as a replacement}. Handle cork very gently as it may puncture if you are too heavy handed with it {lesson learned}. After your cork dries staple your fabric or burlap to the top of the cork roll.


Step 3

After your cork dries staple your fabric or burlap to the top of the cork roll. Take your time and make sure all of the ends are even. You can always cut off any extra fabric/burlap.

Step 4

It’s time to paint. Select a fun paint color for your board. I already had some OOPS chalk paint that we purchased that was awaiting a project. Allow the paint to dry on your board and add a second coat.

Step 5

After the paint is dry, staple your other piece to the frame and you are finished! This step took a bit longer because I wanted to ensure that the backing was properly stapled to the frame.


Because I already had several of the needed items, I paid a grand total of $10 and some change for the board and cork board roll. This cost includes the cost of two frames. I made one board {burlap see below} for my kitchen and the other for my office.


I paid more for the cork roll than I did for the frame! Now, I would definitely say that I was winning! The best part is that is was made with love. It was definitely worth the time investment. I hope that you are so inspired to create a board of your own. Please share your feedback.

With Love,


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